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This communication is specifically addressed to software developers and product managers.


Did you know that Word Magic has a Software Development Kit (SDK) available with which you can easily embed translation capabilities in your own applications?


No more than a few lines of code are necessary. We will even supply the examples for computer languages such as Visual Basic, C++, C#, Delphi, and ASP.NET.


The following link will take you through a guided tour where we explain, step by step, how to implement automatic translation capabilities in an application using Visual Basic .NET.

See DEMO for Visual Studio .Net

This other link shows how to use our SDK using ASP .NET with C# language.

See Demo for ASP .Net

How can you take advantage of our SDK or OEM products?

  1. You can develop your own in-house translation application, or add translation facilities to your existing tools.
  2. For instance, one of our customers wanted to send out field instructions in both English and Spanish to all employees to ensure that the Spanish-speaking personnel got a better grasp of the tasks.

  3. You can add translation capabilities to your redistributable, end-customer product, and pay Word Magic a licensee fee for each product sold.
  4. For instance, a company in California implemented our Translator Standard translation engine to their hearing-impaired communications system. Great success was achieved. They now pay us a license fee for each product sold.

  5. You can also install any of our language tool engines and use it for your own specific purposes, like verb conjugation, bi-directional English Spanish dictionaries, synonym dictionaries, word lists, spell-checkers, antonyms, etc...
  6. For instance, a company in Ohio bought a license to use our 4-million inflected word list included in our Spanish spell-checker dictionary. They wanted to enhance their voice-recognition dictionary which had only 200,000 words to select from.

    Another company in Spain is implementing our 4-million word Synonym Dictionary to enhance their Internet Searching capabilities. With this SDK feature, their system will be able to carry out searches not only using the root word but also using its synonyms.

There are many other ways in which you can take advantage of the Word Magic reservoir of translation and linguistic tools. For instance, travel aid applications, language learning tools (using verb conjugation), messaging, Internet applications, voice-to-voice translation...The only limit is your imagination.


Consult us for prices! We will respond within 24 hours!





Word Magic offers now SDK packages for each one of its unique application programs, thus opening a whole new frontier with wider possibilities for outside Software Developers.


There is a COM engine included in the SDK for on-the-fly, automatic translation: It is the Translator Professional Engine.


There is another COM engine for Interactive Translator Professional. The Interactive capability allows control over parts of speech, word senses and synonyms of translations.


There is another COM engine for the spell checker, the dictionaries, the thesaurus and the verb handler, conjugator and de-conjugator.


Embedding Word Magic's COM Engines with an external program, it is possible for outside Developers to create applications that seamlessly translates text, words or idiomatic expressions automatically or interactively, to or from Spanish, much in the same manner that Translator Professional operates.


Most important: You can create multi-threaded server-based applications, or even a web-based translation center to serve hundreds of local or remote stations.




• A developer's technological application should not bind itself to stagnant translation systems which have remained unchanged since their inception, thus dragging the application into the same obsoleteness. Rather, developers should look forward to systems that show and continue to show the ability to grow and to improve.


• Word Magic Translation engines are best-of breed in the market because they are constantly being improved upon, always with new features, always incorporating new, state-of-the-art technologies. Word Magic has proven this throughout 12 years of existence, launching updates and upgrades of its programs several times per year.


• Also, Word Magic does not depend on others to create job-specific databases and markups for translation. Our dictionaries are developed in-house and we are continuously working to keep them abreast of the torrential inflow of new words and idiomatic expressions, adding new terms and technical jargon, being affiliated with several translation organizations such as LISA, ATA and ProZ.com. Word Magic is also an active member of AMTA (American Machine Translation Association)


• All these factors combined make Word Magic a company easy to work with: It has proven to be innovative enough to create a unique, best-of-breed MT system, and at same time small enough and flexible enough to be capable to accommodate to your specific needs.


• Word Magic SDKs place all this power at your disposal, giving you the ability to incorporate the translation engines and databases into your software applications using very simple DLLs.


• Word Magic SDKs come with extensive documentation and even real-life examples of how to use different programming languages with each engine.


• You can embed Word Magic SDK engines into several programming languages, such as: Pascal, Delphi, C++, C Sharp, ASP, ASP.NET, Visual Basic, etc.. SDKs' documentation contains actual examples of each.


• Word Magic developers are available for assistance during the implementation process, whenever it is necessary.


• Value-Added Reseller agreements (VAR) available upon request.



Things you can do with Word Magic SDK

Word Magic Software offers you three ways of making use of the SDK.


  1. You can license the SDK to develop you own application(s) for internal individual use, or for use in a LAN Server or Web-based network servicing your corporation.

  2. You may license the SDK to develop you own application(s) with the purpose of licensing it to others or to individual end-users. In order to do this, we have a standard VAR Agreement (Value-Added Reseller Agreement) whereby Word Magic may grant you a license to sub-license your developed application to other end-users based upon a per-license royalty, or a yearly royalty mutually agreed upon by both parties.

  3. You may contact Word Magic Software to develop your special application program, which you may either sublicense under a VAR Agreement, or use it internally within your corporation.

There are countless possibilities for using Word Magic SDKs. Each developer and each company could have a different need and may build a different application program with it.


Word Magic SDKs can be used to implement specific applications in all these fields: Education, Reference Tools, Internet, Intranet, Speech to Speech translation, text translation, Semantic Web, Word Sense Disambiguation, and more…


• Word Magic's translation engine SDK is presently being used to develop a Speech-to-Speech application. This application can be installed in a web server, or interconnected to a telephone line through a computer. At one end of the line one can be speaking in Spanish. At the other end of the line, the receiver would be listening in English. Then, the receiver could talk back in English and the original speaker would receive the communication in Spanish.


• Another application which is being developed using Word Magic SDKs is an on-the-fly translation system for all kinds of wireless written communications. *Patent pending.


• ASP and ASP.NET connectivity allows you to use Word Magic SDKs to build your own special Internet, Intranet or any other of web-based translation applications, including specialized reference dictionaries in Information Technology, Law and Business & Commerce. (Medicine soon to be available.)


• These applications can be made to operate from a web-based server, having also multithread operation.


• The SDK can also be used for translation in telephony, Internet chats, messaging, PDA, etc.


• One of our clients is planning to implement our translation engine into his application in a program which aids the hearing-impaired.


• Word Magic applications already run in Microsoft Tablet Computer's operating system. The user handwrites his or her notes in Spanish, and they are displayed in formatted text in English. Just this one type of application could have an unending variety of practical uses in everyday life.


• Another possible application is in Internet search. Search could be conducted in Spanish web sites using English search-words, or vice versa.


• Also, Word Magic's database of millions of synonyms (largest English-Spanish database in existence) could be used to implement searches with synonyms, related words, related expressions, and even antonyms, related antonyms and related anonymous expressions; a unique database developed exclusively by Word Magic. Search capabilities can also be implemented for knowledge databases and Internet Libraries.


• Word Sense disambiguation is the big topic for the near future. Word Magic is a pioneer company in this area. Soon, SDKs will also be available for Word Sense disambiguation using context, grammar and industry-specific field disambiguation.


• Word Magic's word-sense disambiguation systems will have a direct application in the future Semantic Web. This new Web envisions to work with concepts rather than with plain words.


• Word Magic Software is also in the process of linking its dictionaries with WordNet in order to afford a Spanish mirror-counterpart to this gigantic relational database under development in Princeton University.


• The Word Magic SDK for mirrored English-Spanish conjugation could be used to build all kinds of educational tools.


• The Word Magic SDK for the mirrored English-Spanish thesaurus could also be used in education, editorial work, e-books, and in many other innovative applications.


Other specialized applications: Voice Recognition and TTS

• As a core dictionary in Voice Recognition systems (VR) or Text-to-Speech (TTS), Word Magic's giant dictionaries would greatly enhance VR capabilities of recognizing Spanish and English words. On top of that, the fact that Word Magic's dictionaries contain a collection of more than 112,000 set-phrases, locutions, phrasal and prepositional verbs, compound expressions and idioms of all kinds, would create a firmer and wider foothold for recognition of long chains of spoken words.



Request A Trial

Please contact us at [email protected] in order to request a trial of our SDK or to get more information on our Developer Solutions.