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Hard Disk Failure


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[ + ] How do I buy the program?

[ + ] Other forms of purchasing the software besides Credit Card.

[ + ] What are the prices of the products you sell?

[ + ] In what currency are the prices of the products you sell?

[ + ] Do you offer discounts for Non-Profit Organizations, Missionary Organizations, large orders, etc?

[ + ] I purchased one of your programs and then (after receiving the activation code) decided that I did not want it anymore. Can I get a refund?

[ + ] Why is my email address not recognized by Word Magic’s shopping cart if I am already a customer?




[ + ] How will I get my program? Do I get a CD-ROM?

[ + ] When I purchase the program, do I always get a CD-ROM?

[ + ] I want to buy your program and install it in both my PC and laptop. Do I need to buy an additional license?

[ + ] How do I install the program the first time?

[ + ] What are the system requirements for Word Magic's software?

[ + ] Will your software work from a company server?

[ + ] How do I install the products in a new computer, if I should want to discard the old one?

[ + ] Do the new Word Magic 5.0 products run under Windows Vista?

[ + ] How can I tell apart the zero and the letter O in the activation and installation codes?

[ + ] Do I have to uninstall the old version of my product before installing any product of Version 5.0?

[ + ] During product installation, I got an error that says setup initialization failed. What’s wrong?

[ + ] When installing the program, a legend appears saying that the program comes from Enterpret Communications, and even comes with a digital signature, who are they?

[ + ] I bought Add-ons and I registered them, but when I tried using them within the dictionary, it tells me they are not installed. What happened?

[ + ] I received the 5.0 CD and it requests an installation code; where can I find it?

[ + ] I did not buy the CD. How can I download my updates?




[ + ] I am typing in my activation code in the correspondent slots, but the Next button does not become activated. What am I doing wrong?

[ + ] How can I make sure that I will always be able to re-register in the future?

[ + ] What happens if I decide to change my computer? How could I re-register my Word Magic programs then?

[ + ] If Word Magic Software should eventually go out of business, what would happen? Would the Internet re-activation codes become suddenly unavailable and might we lose our programs?

[ + ] How many times will the programs run in the Trial CD or download?

[ + ] Will the activation code of my previous program activate my 5.0 upgrade?

[ + ] If I buy any Add-On, will I need a separate activation code if I already bought another 5.0 product, or any upgrade to a 5.0 product?

[ + ] I am typing in my activation code in the correspondent slots, but the Next button does not become activated. What am I doing wrong?



Hard Disk Failure

[ + ] What happens if my hard disk crashes and has to be reformatted? Will my code still work?

[ + ] I lost my Activation Code. What can I do? Will I have to pay again for a license?




[ + ] How much accuracy can I expect from your Translator? Is it as inaccurate as other machine translation programs I have used?

[ + ] How can your software help a person who wants to translate an English document or an email but cannot understand nor edit the output because he or she does not know a single word in Spanish?

[ + ] Why isn't my translation perfect?

[ + ] What is the Interactive Translation Mode?

[ + ] If I do not speak or read Spanish, can your software help me?

[ + ] What exactly is the Interpreter Mode?

[ + ] Which product is best for me?

[ + ] Why do some words stay in English and not translate to Spanish, i.e., California, Internet?

[ + ] What is Translation Memory?

[ + ] If I use the Memory Translation feature and pre-select a given translation as a first translation for a word, can I change my mind later on?

[ + ] What are the advantages of Translator over other commonly used Memory Translation software programs?




Colloquial & Mexican Spanish

[ + ] I have many employees who are from Mexico. Does your software translate into the Northern-Mexico dialect?

[ + ] What dialects does your software translate?

[ + ] Do you use American, British and Canadian English?

[ + ] I showed a translation I made using Translator to a fellow worker who speaks Spanish. He said the translation was not accurate. What went wrong?




[ + ] I purchased Dictionary & Tools. I can only translate a word or two at a time. I thought this software would translate pages of documents. What's wrong?

[ + ] I downloaded the Free Trial of Translator Professional Plus. Is it the full program or a reduced database/features program?

[ + ] What is the difference between the Dictionary & Tools and Translator?

[ + ] Is the Word Magic software compatible with a handheld computer, i.e., Pocket PC, etc.?

[ + ] have several questions. Where can I find help?



Version 5.0

[ + ] Should I uninstall my old Word Magic software before installing 5.0?

[ + ] My old user-added words did not migrate to the new program when I installed my 5.0 product. What can I do?

[ + ] In version 4.46, the translation outputs were kept in the folder My Documents/ESI Translated Documents, but I can't find it or any of the translations in 5.0. Where are they?

[ + ] In the previous version, I went from the top editor to the bottom editor with the F6 key, but this no longer works ?

[ + ] Are there shortcut keys for the new program functions?

[ + ] Do you have all these improvements and features documented someplace?

[ + ] Under which operating systems can I install the 5.0 programs?

[ + ] I have the Translator Professional (or Professional Plus) and the Usage Examples Add-on, but the Add-on doesn't work.

[ + ] I just downloaded Dictionary & Tools for MS Office 5.0 and the Translate button appears disabled (grayed out); what should I do to translate a document within Microsoft Word?

[ + ] I downloaded Translator Professional Plus 5.0, Suite Premier 5.0 or Medical Suite 5.0 and when I'm within Microsoft Word, I click on the Translate button and nothing happens. What should I do?



Upgrades & Updates

[ + ] How will I know when an upgrade is available for download?

[ + ] What's the difference between an Update and an Upgrade?

[ + ] Where do I download these upgrades?

[ + ] Do I need to pay for an update?

[ + ] Do I need to pay for an upgrade?

[ + ] I have the ESI PRO, and wish to update to TRANSLATOR PROFESSIONAL PLUS, what do I do ?

[ + ] If I pay for an Upgrade, do I have to pay again for a newer release?

[ + ] If I pay for an Upgrade, do I have to pay again for another Upgrade?

[ + ] If I pay for an Upgrade, do I have to pay again for an update?



Known Bugs

  1. Complex Html files might not be displayed correctly.

  2. Under unidentified circumstances, it becomes impossible to open Excel (.xls) files,
    and even when they open, it is not recommendable to translate them.