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Press Release for July 17th 2007 Launching of Version 5.0

Press Release

Word Magic Software, Inc. Launches Makeover Version 5.0 of its English <> Spanish Translation Software


The Most Wide-Ranging Upgrade Since the Onset of WMS’s Translation Solutions


Word Magic Software, Inc., one of the leading providers of English<>Spanish Translation solutions, announced the launching of the total-makeover, 5.0 version of its software, which took place on the 17th of this month. The revamped, redesigned versions have a totally different look & feel, and offer pioneering functionalities in interactive translation, new add-ons designed to make word selection easier, plus new additions to its dictionary department, like an e-format medical dictionary with definitions besides translations.


Under the new format and interactive functionality array, Word Magic expects the users to find solutions that not only facilitate their everyday translation needs, but that add value to their language knowledge, be it native or foreign.


WMS has worked for 18 years in a single language pair, English and Spanish, in an effort to focus solely and completely in keeping their software well-ahead of its peers, while providing the best solutions in this field, striving for what they consider ground-breaking innovations. WMS constantly researches and scans the market to assay what is currently and actually needed regarding translation.


These innovations and their dedication to a single language pair have proven to be the key to the diversity and efficiency of their translation solutions throughout the years, and have also laid the groundwork for the new 5.0 version recently launched. Through the total integration of Interactive capabilities, their translation software is transformed into an automatic translation outfit that is driven by the user himself, to produce precise, accurate translations that need little or no polishing in post-edition. This actually creates a ‘toolbox’, with ‘tools’ designed for any type of need that should arise during translation, whether the user knows the target language or not.


“In today’s rapidly-globalizing landscape, we find that the imperative is a set of translation solutions or tools that enable not only translators, but everyday people or even CEOs to produce hands-on results without decreasing the speed needed to keep up with the times, a new cog in the machinery to make the ride smoother and not compelling you to learn the other language in order to get results” says Ricardo Arguello, President and CEO of Word Magic Software, Inc. “The combination of our Interactive Functionalities array plus the True Retranslation Mode enable you to produce your own translations without even knowing the target language, because the software will provide you with a retranslation in your native tongue for verification. Our 5.0 innovations will blast the English<>Spanish language barriers into oblivion by enabling the user, not disabling him.”


All trademarks are the property of Word Magic Software, Inc.

For more information on WMS, please contact:


Ricardo Arguello, Jr.

Word Magic Software, Inc.

Tel: (281) 968-0502

Email: [email protected]


Katherine Ruffin

Word Magic Software, Inc.

Tel: 1-385-743-1890

Email: [email protected]




Company Timeline


Word Magic Software is established


Word Magic Tools moves from DOS-based to Windows-based


Word Magic Software website established and markets Word Magic Tools (now Translation Dictionary & Tools) over the Internet


Word Magic Software launches first version of Word Magic English-Spanish Translator (ESI)


Word Magic Software receives first round of financing from Costa Rican venture capital firm


Word Magic Software launches Professional Suite 3.0 in the United States


Word Magic Software launches Professional Suite 4.20 worldwide


Word Magic Software launches Version 4.30 and Version 4.40, Plug-ins for Microsoft Office and Web Page Translator


Word Magic launches its new makeover, 5.0 version of all products, plus the new and long-awaited member of its family of dictionaries, the Medical Dictionary.



Fast Facts On...

 Products & Services

The Word Magic Solution includes some of the most innovative features that cover an entire spectrum of translation technology needs for English and Spanish communications. Translation tools such as synonyms, verb conjugations, idiomatic phrases, spell checkers, and field-specific dictionaries, powered by a database of over 800,000 translations, allow for flexibility and scalability, while ultimately meeting the direct requirements of the individual user. Word Magic is an unquestionable resource for business and legal professionals, translators and interpreters, professional educators, and students dealing with communication between the English and Spanish languages.


 Word Magic Professional Products


 What Sets Word Magic Apart…

  • Word Magic’s “Parser” (grammatical-analyzer) is currently the most powerful parser on the market, incorporating the latest in Natural Language Processing theory and techniques, including over 2 million markups* distributed throughout its entire database. * Markups are hidden data structures that allow the parser and its user to interpret the use of a word or phrase based on fixed grammatical structures, idiomatic structures, semantic sensitivities, and pragmatic sensitivity.

  • Besides an extensive translation dictionary, the Word Magic database includes a complete knowledge system, with over 10 million pieces of information on grammatical and semantic attributes.

  • Word Magic’s dictionary database is 10 times larger than any other electronic dictionary on the market, boasting over 800,000 translation references, 225,000 idiomatic expressions and 4 million synonyms. In total, approximately 10 million inflected words are recognized. In comparison, other translation dictionaries have between 40,000 and 150,000 references, few synonyms and very few idiomatic expressions.

  • Word Magic Software recognizes semantics, and while other translation software programs’ accuracy decreases with more difficult sentences, Word Magic’s level of accuracy increases. More importantly, with Translator's Interactive mode, which allows the user to choose the most appropriate word, the accuracy can be as high as 90%.

  • The ability to recognize informal grammar, phrases used in both English and Spanish that are not grammatically correct, yet are used nonetheless.



Facts & Trends In Translation

 Global Translation Industry

The Translation industry has been in existence for centuries, but it was not until the 1950’s that the idea of decoding natural languages through mathematical techniques became a reality.


Automatic Translation, known today as Machine Translation (MT), first took form as literal translation (word-for-word translation), without any regard to linguistic rules of language.


To date, the market trend that has made the most significant impact in the translation industry has been the growth and adoption of information technology and the advent of the Internet. (Source: Allied Business Intelligence Inc., Language Translation: World Market Overview, United States, 1999).


Over the past three years, there has been an enormous trend towards the consolidation of translation agency services. This has resulted in global translations players offering a one-stop source for seamless translation around the world while also streamlining costs and improving local market reach for its clients.


Information technology has not only revolutionized the translation industry but it has also created a need for Localization, the process of adapting a product to a specific locale, i.e., to its language, standards and cultural norms as well as to the requirements of a specific market. As the need for Localization grows, localizers will look more and more to translation database tools to save translation time. (Source: Language Partners International, Inc., “Benefits and Issues of Binary Localization”, Sarosh Syed)


As a consequence of the e-business age and the globalization of trade in the world economy, the language translation services market, encompassing human translation, machine translation and software and Website localization will grow from just over US$ 11 billion in1999 to US$ 20 billion in 2004. (Source: Allied Business Intelligence Inc., Language Translation: World Market Overview, United States, 1999).


 Looking Forward


Companies doing business in Spanish-speaking countries are finding that as they expand into these countries, knowing the language becomes not only useful, but also necessary. As a result, the global translation industry continues to grow at extraordinary rates in tandem with the need for companies to internationalize and localize their products and services.


Internet usage among non-English speakers is creating a boom in the business of translating websites and software, and has brought translation capabilities and multilingual communication to the forefront of the business agenda.