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I have already begun to use this version (6) and believe it is a work of combined linguistic genuises.


Dr. Neil J. Devereaux


Para ustedes y todo ese equipo de colaboradores UN FUERTE ABRAZO. Espero alg�n d�a estar por Costa Rica y hacerlo en persona. El producto que han logrado y la dedicaci�n puesta es un enorme logro para la traducci�n de textos. Gracias, muchas gracias


Luis Kofman - Buenos Aires, Argentina


Dear Colleagues,


Please accept this long-delayed and much deserved letter of praise about your fabulous translation tools. I have had the good fortune of working with you and your products ever since you launched your very first edition. That version alone sufficed as a fantastic instrument in my panoply of translation materials. As a matter of fact, the Word MagicTools has become my principal source of reference. Thanks to you, I have drastically reduced the time I need for research that I used to spend leafing through printed matter. This allows me to offer my services at a reasonable cost and attract (and keep) more clients. Not only that, but the translations you suggest in the dictionaries are plentiful and varied, in a word... "rich". The choices you offer rival printed dictionaries'.


The use of correct prepositions have been a challenge for me. You resolve that situation with your profuse offering of idioms and other phrasal expressions. Also, I discovered that by adding a blank space after the term I query , the program will yield a list of the correct prepositions associated with that term. Finding the correct conjugation is a snap thanks to your Verb Conjugator.


However, you did not rest on your laurels. Your newest edition is awesome, richer yet and even easier to navigate than before. I started using Ver. 5 since you made it available and I was able to produce with it from the moment I first consulted it... and then I discovered more of its marvels as I explored it.


Now if this weren't enough, your staff is also extremely attentive and considerate. Your support services are impeccable,delivered swiftly and completely. Your main guy, Mr. Richard Argüello, has even responded to me personally, on more than one occasion over the years! Very few heads of businesses actually serve clients directly, but you do! Your American representative has invariably been supportive to an astounding degree, delivered most pleasantly.


You have contributed in great measure to my success building a viable enterprise as a translator. I am very grateful to you. Thank you very much.


PS: You are welcome to edit my comments in a way that will suit you best.


Email:[email protected]
Company: Alain's Spanish Translation Services


Alain Gelbman


Your dictionary is really excellent. I work since 1968 as translator and simultaneous interpreter from English, German, French and Portuguese to Spanish and at present I teach technical and scientific translation and interpretation from English to Spanish at the Universidad Tecnológica de Chile. I will recommend your dictionary to my students.


Juan de Magalhaes-Calvet - Universidad Tecnol�gica de Chile - INACAP


...and may I add I am VERY impressed with your translator, as close to real Spanish as I have ever had the pleasure of working with, great software at a reasonable price.

Ruben Betancourt

Director of Communications


Florida Center for Fiscal & Economic Policy (FCFEP)


I have been using WordMagic software for the last year, and not only has it been an extremely versatile tool for translation work, but it has also been invaluable to me as a learning tool.  We are still learning to speak Spanish and the verb conjugating tool in the Dictionary Plus has been invaluable!  However, the most impressive part of the WordMagic package has been the *UNBELIEVABLE* customer support!  I have owned and used computers for almost 30 years, and in that time have *NEVER* encountered such fast, efficient, and professional customer service.  Emails are answered (usually the same day), solutions are personalized to my specific issue (unlike so many totally irrelevant responses I've waited weeks for, only to wonder if the tech on the other end even read my email), and suggestions are encouraged, received, and incorporated into the software in free updates.  I even received a message of condolence when my mother-in-law passed away!  On top of outstanding software, it has been a breath of fresh air to encounter people who so obviously care about their customers.  Thank you WordMagic!!!



Dave Alei


I was able to download version 5.0 into my new computer while in the Amazon.  Thank you very much for providing the new activation code and assisting throughout the entire process.  The Customer Service provided by Word Magic is by far the best in the business world, from which other companies could learn a lot.

Thanks again for all the help.



Martin Boyer


I am very pleased with the trial product and will continue using Word Magic. I appreciate the professionalism of the customer support representative and the phone call from the head developer, was the icing on the cake! Thank you for an excellent product and outstanding service!!!


J. L. Mercado Jr.


I think you have a great product and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking for translation software.



Barry Amos


I have been using Word Magic for a few years already. It all began with its predecesor, a primitive, easy-to-use English-Spanish dictionary called Spanish Scholar. I fell in love with the program as soon as I installed it.


Word Magic Tools has been a blessing to me. I use it mostly to translate sermon materials from English into Spanish. In most of my sermons I include short stories and illustrations that I come upon in my reading. I always use Word Magic Tools to translate them so I may use them in my preaching ministry.


Word Magic Tools may not be the perfect translator program yet, but it is the best of all the translation softwares that I have used. I highly recommend Word Magic Tools.  It is worth a whole lot more than what it costs. The extensive dictionaries it comes with are superb. Once you try it, you will not want to use any other translation software.


Reverend Ruben Casas


I have attached some thoughts to this e-mail. The new version has, for me, widened the horizon in the translating English-Spanish work immensely, I truly am amazed the extent of the enhancements that have been made on the program, not only with the translator but with the Tools dictionary, also.


I appreciate, for instance, the "retranslation" improvements, (the very fact one doesn't press the buttons to switch language -- always a bother before, as I often would forget I had changed language and thus the wrong language would be transferred), while the extensive options given in this phase help me immensely know my choice of words is correct.


I am still developing with the options, but already the work is made faster, and the fact of other features (knowing the correct word or short phrase I want to use, will always be first choice.


I am really enjoying the new version, and I have to say Congratulations! to you all for such an accreditable production.


And, not to say the least, I have appreciated the help given from you and your father.
The upgrade to version 5 well worth waiting for … the new features and enhanced interfaces give a greater confidence in the work being accomplished, as well as the added components like translation options adding to ease in production. Truly, a big step forward… thanks!


Frank Woodcock


I am really enjoying working with and learning the capabilities of the program. I can imagine how much work that must have gone into producing ver.5.
My congratulations to you and all who were involved in the project.


Victor Fung


I have been struggling to learn Spanish well enough to communicate to some of my clients. I do not have the time to attend formal classes. Through the use of Word Magic's Professional Suite's earlier edition I was able to pick up some of the language, but now through Word Magic's 5.0, not only have I increased my vocabulary, but I have been able to translate several documents from English to Spanish and the results have been fantastic! My Spanish clients are delighted and through Word Magic, I have been able to bridge the language gap in a truly magical manner. This is the only translation program that actually works and the weekly tips are absolutely priceless.

Thank you Word Magic for making this a better place and understanding the needs for a better way to communicate and learn a new language.


Charles Lamoureux


I am doing business with a group in Mexico. They speak limited English and I speak very little Spanish. Our communications are sometimes very technical and without an interpreter it was impossible to convey my thought so as to enable them to comprehend my intent.


I tried the Word Magic for free and after the very first email to them I was hooked. I have been told by the friends in Mexico that it is a very good translation and I am happy to recommend this program to anyone that needs to express themselves into a Spanish language format. I love it and thanks for making it happen.


Clarence Marsden


I am a college professor and do not have the time to take Spanish classes so I have had to learn on my own. Word Magic has been an indispensable tool, especially for idioms. I love to read Spanish literature but could never have done it without Word Magic.


Ben Young


I only wish other language-translation services were as good as Word Magic.  I get so frustrated when I try to make sense out of those other companies' mangled attempts at translation.  Word Magic accuracy and ease are tremendous!


Fred Lanting


Yo no hablo ni escribo el inglés pero ocasionalmente debo comunicarme en este idioma. Conocí y adquirí el software Word Magic en su versión Suite Home 4.x y ahora he probado y adquirido el upgrade a la versión 5 de este software. Realmente Word Magic ha conseguido hacer algo muy superior, los felicito y les agradezco que con una versión tan simple uno pueda entender todo y se pueda comunicar en inglés con otros de forma que ellos lo entiendan. Excelente también es su diccionario.


Mauricio Tocornal Riesco


Every day that I use your program I am more and more amazed at the amount of successful work you have done on it.  Lifetimes of love and work. I have done lots of translating in many languages in my life, and I recognize a superior system when I see it.

It is a very worthwhile contribution to the lives of people.


Jack Woelfel


En mis labores de traducción de manuales técnicos de inglés a español  he usado diversos programas de traducción desde hace más de quince años.
 El único que más ha satisfecho mis necesidades ha sido el de Word Magic  Software, dadas sus amplias posibilidades de personalización, entre otras  ventajas sobre sus competidores.


Asimismo es muy encomiable su constante esfuerzo en la actualización de sus  productos, especialmente en su última versión 5, lo cual es muy digno por  su parte y merecedor de mi agradecimiento."


Álvaro Abadía


I have used Word Magic Software for many years, since all their products were in beta format.  I have used them both personally and professionally, as the official translator for the city of El Paso, Texas, and as a private translator for all types of legal, scientific and medical organizations.  I have been amazed at the progress their products have undergone until now they perform translation tasks which I consider to be unequalled in the world of artificial intelligence and translation software.  I will continue to recommend their products with confidence because I know by experience that they will perform with the highest degree of accuracy of any product on the market.


Thank you for continuing to upgrade your already admirable translation software and dictionaries.


Dr. Neil J. Devereaux


Considero que los productos de uds. son de lo mejor que existe en traducciones al inglés, lo cual  para un uso continuo, sirve para manejarse mejor con el idioma inglés. Mejor que las traducciones y en mejor calidad textual que de páginas web conocidas. Para un buen inglés escrito sus productos son una opción útil.


Sergio Natalio Berman


Speed is the key word!

Word Magic Software simply had to re-invent the wheel again so to speak.
Translating from one living language to another is one of the most challenging jobs.
A few years ago, I received the famous Larousse English-Spanish, Spanish–English modern dictionary. It was a present. It still is one of my most treasured possessions.
It must weigh at least 6 pounds as I cannot lift it reaching for it with one hand when I am reading lying down.

Can you imagine how much content there has been accumulated in that single venerable old faithful? It is awesome!


Can you visualize me reaching for that dictionary say, a thousand times, to find some relative item to use in a translation?


Any idea what we are talking about in terms of how much time it took, to perform these consultations with my good friend Larousse?


With all due respect, to my Larousse, here enters Word Magic Software.

Let us join them for a magic ride and God’s speed.


I took one good look at this great new software and realized immediately that this is the breakthrough in language learning, which in its own unique way, rivals the importance of the invention of the wheel.

The single invention of the wheel completely revolutionized how humankind began to change things, from a slow and time-consuming walk or riding horseback to spinning the fans of high-speed jet engine turbines.

The enormous potential in productive terms that we can gain should never be underestimated when knowledgeable humans can work now, not only a zillion times faster but also with much more accuracy.

Difficult and complex mental tasks as translating one living foreign language to another language require vast amounts of information.

To get access to that information, I now have two choices. Let us have a look and see what they are.

I can reach for my six pound Larousse, and run my boney fingers (arthritis) through the many thin fine print pages and try to find what I need to know.

On the other hand, I can also use the most recent and most sophisticated language translation tools ever designed over the last decade by the world’s foremost experts and specialists in both the Spanish and the English, two of the world’s most important languages. 

With objects and machinery parts spinning around from the very lowest speeds to the very highest, the invention of the wheel was the one single cause for the next astronomical changes in the history of the world, its industrial revolution and the world’s populations, and their habits and cultures.

Word Magic Software’s approach to solving the many complicated translation difficulties is distinctly different from any other existing language translation methods. In the modern consumer’s market, translators are often working with the best and latest computers and related accessories. They also have the software skills required to learn how to use newly developed high-tech software.

Word Magic Software is using a family of closely related new software programs. Some of them have been used and worked very well in previous software. 

The latest software recently released is so sophisticated and enriched, it is virtually new to me; I will not even begin to list its high tech programs. All I can say at this time, is try the demos if possible and read whatever is available on their website, from the many free tips to the info in the forum. Their competent staff will also be glad to assist you.


Where would the world be today without the wheel, pray tell?


Where would translators be without Word Magic Software?


My question is, where I will be, when I have mastered the software to the point where I can use all or most of its great programs sufficiently well enough to take full advantage of them. It is an enormously challenging and very rewarding task to go exploring with their fantastic programs.

The sheer pleasure of having the best tools on your fingertips to work with is so gratifying. I had better consult with my budget first to see what goodies it allows me to indulge in.

We now owe all the good and clever people at Word Magic Software, and we owe them big time.

They had the foresight and the courage of quietly sticking with their guns. Their dedication and unique expertise in the field of language learning and translation were able to come up with (and deliver!) The most sophisticated and ingenious software ever developed for learning and translating the two most beautiful and most popular languages in the world, English and Spanish, much more thoroughly, much faster and so much easier.

This latest software, now available from Word Magic Software, is no doubt the major highlight here today. It is a true landmark of the world's most sophisticated language learning development presently available. It is so far advanced that there is no doubt it will dominate the thinking of the academic world as well as Spanish and English language teachers, nonprofessionals and students alike for a long time to come.


For all these excellent achievements, I would like to congratulate and sincerely thank the management and staff of Word Magic Software and all the people that contributed to the most recent and eagerly awaited release of this truly exciting software.

It was well worth waiting for.

I am advancing closer to my 80's birthday, but I am still going strong and steady yet with what I have been doing for so many years. At my age, it is a challenge to be able to do so much more in less time while doing translations.

I would not miss my daily few hours of studying your beautiful language, senior, even if you do not hear much from me.

Today however, I just had to take the time and duly pay tribute to your many accomplishments in this so specialty field of top of the line unchallenged, high technology of robotics and artificial intelligence in language translation, never produced on the world market by anybody else before.

The text to speech finesse blows me away.

Every time I use the demo I downloaded, I am making experiments with a different topic. Forever I am changing the so realistic voices from male to female, young and old voices, or change the speeds to fit the characters representing the speakers with the best settings available when I am using text to speech.

This way, translation has become much more like a play and a game than hard work.
In addition, you know what they say: hard work is for horses!

We salute you for a job well done!


Matthew Smeets